If You Never Become A Title

You Still Have A Purpose

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      H3 main purpose is to provide a public service development of the community and academic achievements through youth and peers. We advocate spiritual, educational and generational growth..

      Everyone is WELCOME No matter your Religion, Race, etc... But we form behaviors on our beliefs on GOD'S Divine Creation and that He has a Sole purpose for each individual walking this earth. In order to make this world a better place we have to instill Faith, Integrity, & Leadership. We do community outreach through recreational/development sports, church activities, music & more...

      The H3 Logo represents an indication of wanting change in our generation.. H3 strives to make opportunities that help build & join a family that compromises service, leadership and empowerment to each other..

"If You Never Become A Title You Still Have a Purpose" His Will, His Way!!