About Us

Growing up in the small town of Marlin, TX, I have always had a love for God, shoes and fashion. In 2014, God gave me the vision for H3 while I was in my college dorm after dealing with my parents divorce, suffering a labrum tear that ended  my college football career and having to work to make ends meet. It seemed as if everything I loved or tried to do wasn't working out for me. God then spoke to me and said, " Son quit trying to do things your way and just try me. DO MY WILL" .  After that moment, I began to design and sell shirts with the H3 logo that would represent God's Divine Creation; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God is continuing to expand my vision through, "His Will Clothing Line" that will transform lives to help people understand that you haven't lived life until you start living in HIS WILL.



Charles Hitchens